What to bring:





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Income Items:

Income source documents such as W-2s, 1099s for pensions, interest,   dividend and sales of property or stock and W-2G gambling winnings

Brokerage statements

Escrow statements for real estate sales (purchase escrow also)

Self-employment or farm income and expenses (by expense category)

Rental income and expenses (by expense category)

Other income items such as alimony, jury duty, debt cancellation or     other income sources not reported on a government form

Personal Expense Items:

Medical and dental expenses including prescriptions, health insurance     premiums, and mileage for medical/dental purposes

Real and personal property taxes and sales taxes paid on vehicles     and/or “big ticket” items

Mortgage interest statements from the lender and/or name, address   and  Social Security Number of owner-financed mortgages.

Charitable contributions separated by money vs. non-monetary     contributions (such as clothing and household goods)

Job-related expenses such as union dues, work tools and supplies, job     travel (mileage and commercial travel), away-from-home expenses     for meals and lodging, continuing education for work, and any other     expense incurred because of your job that you would not have     otherwise spent if you had a different occupation

Investment related expenses such as safe deposit box rental, in-   vestment     publications, management fees, etc.


Corporations & Partnerships:

Year-end Profit and Loss statement (Note: Balance     Sheet may also be required depending upon income)

Miscellaneous items:

Copy of prior year tax return (if a new client)  {If the     return contained depreciation, be sure to include a     complete statement of depreciable assets}

Copy of Social Security Cards for taxpayer and spouse     and each dependent (if a new client)

Dates of birth for each of the above

What not to bring:

Although we will represent you should you be audited,     it is not our job to conduct that audit.  Therefore, you     do not need to bring receipts and other     documentation relating to the expenses you are     claiming on your return unless your desire is for us     to sort and compile those expenses for you.  We will     be happy to do so for a fee, but you will find it less     expensive and probably much quicker for you to sort     and total these documents on your own, since you     are more familiar with those expenses than we are.

This list is not all-inclusive and additional     information may be required depending upon     your exact circumstances.