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Executors Assistant is a complete melding of services intended to help the designated executor and/or administrator contend with all aspects of the estate or trust from its inception to its conclusion.


----------------------------------------------------------------------Final Form 1040


Preparing the final 1040 form of a loved one can be a daunting task.  Our years of tax preparation experience can simplify the process for the executor/administrator and make a difficult time more bearable.




----------------------------------------------------------------------EIN Application


Frequently overlooked in the establishment of an estate or trust, the application of an Employer Identification Number is vital for the filing of necessary tax returns.




DREW-JARRELL is constantly on the lookout for these small but necessary tasks and completes them in a timely, efficient manner.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Form 1041





As with individual taxpayers, estates and trusts must also file income tax returns for the money earned during the administration period of the entity.




Generally, two returns are required: one for the year the entity comes into existence and one for the final year in which the entity closes.  Both are included in our service.


Occasionally, the estate or trust can close within a year of its inception and file a single return.  In other situations, the estate or trust may be ongoing for several years, requiring a tax return for each year of its life.


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Form 706


Officially the U.S. Estate (and Generation-Skipping Transfer) Tax return, this is the form filed to calculate the inheritance (or death) taxes.




DREW-JARRELL works closely in association with the attorney of the executor or administrator in the preparation of this all-important form.




----------------------------------------------------OTHER AVAILABLE  SERVICES


---------------------------------------------------------------Additional Assistance

ASSET EVALUATIONS: Proper administration of an estate or trust requires establishing the value of the decedents assets such as stocks, bonds, vehicles and personal property.

TITLE TRANSFERS: Transfers of real estate, vehicles and securities are included in our services.

LIFE INSURANCE: Assistance in completing insurance company forms to obtain death benefits.



---------------------------------------------------VALUE-ADDED SERVICES

By using our extensive network of affiliated professionals, DREW-JARRELL offers these additional services at a cost that is generally lower than can be obtained by the executors individual contacts. Examples of value-added services available are: