Concierge Service

  Concierge Service is a limited size tax practice designed for those with an extremely busy lifestyle. By limiting its subscribing clients to no more than 150 DREW-JARRELL assures each subscribing client quicker and more frequent access to their tax advisor than they may be getting from their current practitioner.  In fact, subscribers are provided with a priority phone number for quicker access should they have pressing questions.

  Limited size also means more personalized service. For one reasonable annual fee, individuals receive tax preparation for themselves and all of their dependents, unlimited tax, retirement and estate planning during the year and audit defense.  For partnerships and S-corporation the fee also includes the personal returns of the partners or shareholders.

  All returns will be prepared exclusively by Dave Drew. No return will be “handed off” to less experienced clerical staff after you have left the office.  

  If you feel that this type of service fits your needs, give us a call.  We are confident that you will be glad you did.


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